We invest in thematic funds across,

Our thesis is that thematic funds are better able to assist their portfolio through their deep experience and connections.

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About Unify Fund of Funds

Unify Ventures has established a multi-thematic fund of funds that invests in managers covering B2B SaaS, Advanced Manufacturing and Fin Tech, with more thematics to come.

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Our approach



We select thematics based on our collective experience, taking into account themes that we believe will provide longevity and increased diversification within the VC asset class.



Screen fund managers that service the chosen thematic, considering their positive investment track record in previous funds, performance of the existing portfolio (if any), key investments terms, ESG targets (if any), etc.



After identifying a potential Partner Fund, we perform a considered amount of due-diligence consisting of a close understanding of the manager's assumptions to the model the lead to their portfolio construction. We take numerous meetings to really get to know the manager and their portfolio, and then perform reference checks through our network before making a final decision.